During this phase, the proposed piece of automation proceeds through several steps prior to system-wide deployment. This includes validation and verification (V&V) of design documents and specifications, operational test and evaluation, operational suitability evaluation (measure of how well a product can be integrated for field use considering factors such as compatibility, reliability, human performance factors, safety, training, etc.), and the correction and closure of identified issues during testing. At the conclusion of these efforts, the automation system is ready for system-wide deployment.

Key Automation Themes During Testing, Validation, & Assurance

Automation Stories Related to Testing, Validation, & Assurance

Automation Design

New Automation concepts are identified and defined to address operational needs.

Testing, Validation, & Assurance

Automation is finalized and prepared for system-wide deployment.

Change Management

The newly developed automation system is integrated into existing operations.

Operational Use

Automation is deployed into operations where it is monitored and maintained.