During this phase, the responsible and accountable organization will maintain and sustain the implemented automation system. Activities typically conducted in this phase include daily monitoring of the automation system to ensure that it is working as intended, evaluation of the system's safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, and the execution of a formal post implementation review. At the conclusion of this phase, now obsolete systems are disposed of, and the new automation system is implemented and maintained. Over-time as future concepts and service needs are identified, the concept definition phase is reentered.

Key Automation Themes During Operational Use

Automation Stories Related to Operational Use

Automation Design

New Automation concepts are identified and defined to address operational needs.

Testing, Validation, & Assurance

Automation is finalized and prepared for system-wide deployment.

Change Management

The newly developed automation system is integrated into existing operations.

Operational Use

Automation is deployed into operations where it is monitored and maintained.